Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok. So I know that this is off the beaten track when it comes to my book blogging but -- the presses need to be stopped because I've got a little story that needs to be told.

Things have gotten a little out of hand. The fat jeans are no longer the fat jeans, if you know what I'm saying. I stopped recognizing myself in grocery store mirrors weeks ago. But it was the pic of two ham like arms and breasts that hung approximately to my knees that made me go into cardiac arrest. And also made me start Weight Watchers. I have a theory that EVERYONE knows Weight Watchers. And the "points". So I joined the website. I put in the points consumed at the Tea House for a baby reception. I thought it was the responsible thing to do. Why not find out how many points were left before dinner... because... after all... I wouldn't want, you know, to go OVER.

Daily Points allowed: 25
Daily points consumed by 2:00 in the afternoon: 72


Without dinner

Um... yeah.

Goodbye cruel world


  1. I think you looked beautiful. I'm in shock about the points value of the day.

  2. Lisa -- I loved EVERY SINGLE POINT!!!!! I looooooooooved being there with you and ... did you see me putting the scones away?

  3. grocery store mirrors are of the are crumpets and scones. but points or no points, you are lovely and have always been.

    you can do it, girl! just think "kirstie alley"---oh wait.

  4. I completely feel you sweetie! I kind of do the points thing, but I found that if I just get some exercise everyday, it makes me feel better. However, lets wait and see what the physician says later this week. I may be taking a different path to weight loss after that.
    Good luck and you can do it!
    I have faith in you :)