Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Harry Potter Should Have Ended Up with Hermione...

... and other things you wish would have happened in JK Rowling's beloved series.

If you've never read the Potter series because you think it will be too juvenile or it doesn't appeal to you, after all you're not into that magic stuff.... how sad we all are for you. To say that the series is genius is an understatement of the grandest proportions. When has it ever happened that men and women and boys and girls have all agreed on a single subject and have all become equally rabid in their devotion of one thing? Very rarely. Even more rarely with books. I can't even think of another that competes in this equal opportunity cross genres. We all know that Potter saved the YA market for books and may have even saved publishing altogether.

This is all stuff we know. Well, recently, I've undertaken a Harry Potter movie marathon. It's been a long time since I've watched the films and I've never done it back to back. It's been thrilling and now that the series is over, now that we know exactly what significance everything had, I'd like to open a discussion on what we WISH would have happened or the inconsistencies that we see in the series, the things we wish we could do over.

I'll start off:

1.) While reading, I totally bought the Hermione and Ron thing up until the last book (please... we waited all that time for one lousy, rushed kiss) but now... now, rewatching and rereading it seems absolutely preposterous that Harry does not end up with Hermione, the only girl he has consistent contact with or a growing relationship. And really? While Ginny is brave, there is no other personality except that she gets with tons of boys to get Harry's attention..?

2.) What's up with these super powerful Order of the Phoenix/Dumbledore wizards not being able to take out the Death Eaters once and for all? Harry Potter comes in with "stupefy" and takes out Voldemort about six times in the series. Hmmm... "Hogwarts is impenetrable!" Except of course for a Basalisk who's existed there for CENTURIES and no one's noticed or a room where all Death Eaters meet to have tea, cookies, war councils...

3.) What's with Draco always challenging Harry? Um.... Harry defeated Voldemort about a thousand times, won the Tri-Wizard tournament, killed a basalisk... blah, blah... pretty sure everyone (especially the kids whether they hated him or not) would have been in terrified awe. But then again, everyone's astonished every time he does something because he's, after all, only a 3rd year so... par for the course.

4.) And finally, the ending... * clears throat.... um... necessary? She kills about, oh, half the good guy population in annonymus, pointless deaths but all the death eaters live. Except for Bellatrix, who, by the way wasn't killed by Neville but whatever. No happy "Yeah! Voldemort's gone! Open Diagon Alley! Let's celebrate! Like in the beginning of Book One". None of that.

These are my thoughts.

Any of yours?


  1. ugh, I totally agree that Harry should have been with Hermonie!!!

  2. I have mixed feelings about Harry Potter and Hermione. I like the idea of it but at the same time they are best friends... which ideally would make them "perfect" for each other BUT I just don't know if I would have been okay with them getting together! :)

    I just watched the first four movies over the weekend! (They were on ABC Family) I'm realizing I've forgotten a lot (especially of what happened in the last book) and have vowed to reread them all!

  3. Elizabeth -- I totally started my marathon after I started watching it on ABC family and got fed up with the commercials. Have LOVED it! I've never watched them back to back. It's been Heaven!

  4. I was just too lazy to put the DVD's in! :)

  5. love watching them grow up with each film. i like h&h as best friends only.

  6. I completely agree with all of your points. I forgot about "Stupefy". A little too simple for my taste, but loved the books anyway.
    And Hermione could do so much better than Ron. He certainly married up didn't he?

  7. I feel sad for myself, yes, I'm the only one on planet earth who hasn't read these books! But I did watch all the Harry potter movies in the cinema with my sister who read them all. So really there is no excuse for me to not read them, as my sister got all of the books on her shelfs. Yes, shame on me!

  8. Nina~!! Read them!!! It will be the joy of your life -- no one believes it until they read them for themselves.

  9. I AGREE. Harry and Hermione have chemistry, especially onscreen (as played by Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson). There is NO chemistry between Ron and Hermione either in the book or onscreen. They were forced together for who-knows-what reason. And Ginny? She has NO personality whatsoever, we barely get to know her , so her marriage to Harry has no thrill. Rowling blew it with the Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione hookups. The whole thing was a major disappointment for me, and spoiled my enjoyment of the books, not to mention the last film, with Hermione getting weepy over Ron and all that crap. I doubt I'll watch the last film. Bad enough that all the good characters get killed off...

  10. Ugh! I don't think Harry and Ginny are at all compatible! I actually thought up a different ending in my head cause I was so dissapointed! Hermione could do much better but I actually thought Luna and Harry were a good match!

  11. I was disappointed with some of the stuff they left out in the movies. 1) Harry is the godfather to Lupin's child. 2) They never mentioned Percy's argument with the family in either one of the Deathly Hallow movies, although it would make one wonder why they never saw him back at the Burrow. And as for the Harry and Hermione relationship, I can see it going both ways.

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