Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Paul McCartney

... there are no words for the euphoria enjoyed on March 31st at the Hollywood Bowl. I'll be honest, it seemed unthinkable that you and I could share a moment when I used to stare at old vinyl records in 7th grade that were already 20 years old. You've been the man in my life. The Beatles have been my stalwart, magical uncles always there, picking me up, dusting me off, "Come on girl... it's not that serious..." and there you were again. You and me. And you were telling me the same things you've always told me but they mean more now. Because you're older. I'm older. The advice, the fact that we've carried on and that the messages are still the same -- it all means more now. I'm glad I didn't see you when I was fifteen and crazy for you. I'm glad I didn't see you when it would have been convenient in my 20's . You weren't ready. You couldn't bear to sing those songs yet, to hear those words again. I wasn't ready. There was still so much of my life you were going to see me through. I needed to go through it and I did. I'm still alive. So are you. And we're on the other side of so much now. Thank you for scanning the audience, for embracing the messages, for being there again, and ever, and always.
You'll never know.
Or maybe you do.

ps. Thanks to Corissa who made it all possible, for kicking my butt, for telling me it was time.


  1. Isn't it amazing how things like this can mean something totally different years later than they did as kids? I love that.

  2. Dear Gigi,
    Thanks for sharing a feeling felt by millions. Paul is so amazing. I was at the Hollywood Bowl the night before you. He was spectacular as ever and it truly is a euphoric feeling to be there in the moment with him and the crowd. He has such a way of connecting with the audience and his music is timeless. I have seen him two times before --Driving Rain Tour in '02 and Space Within in '05. I was there at the beginning, having always loved the Beatles and was fortunate enough to be at the Hollywood Bowl in 1965--although it was impossible to hear much or see much as all you could hear was the screaming of teenage girls. Paul and I have reconnected over the years and he and his music mean so much to me and all of us who "get him." I am thankful for having been fortunate enough to have him in my life. People who haven't made this connection have missed out on a great gift. Again, thanks for sharing!!! Pam

  3. Gigi--beautifully said. I too was at the Hollywood Bowl in 1965. I'd desperately wanted to go in 1964, but my parents said I was too young. March 30th found me at the Bowl, sitting fairly near where I'd been in 1965. As Paul sang, there were echoes of that first concert, and concerts since. He was my first love, and his is the music of my life. He is here, there, and everywhere.

  4. Dear Paula and Pam -- I too was there on the 30th!!!!! I forgot it was the 30th and not the 31st. I was there the first night. We were there together!! Just greater power of the proof of the divine!!