Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fantastic Return of Nanny McPhee!!!

I loved this movie. I mean -- truly. I didn't expect tobut some surprises are so lovely. If you saw the first Nanny McPhee, you know that it is all about whimsey and magical mayhem. But the second is quieter, more grounded in reality which makes the magic so much lovelier.

The children cast in these roles are so real and reminiscent of the old English Empire that the story feels relevant, honest. There is less Nikelodian goo fests and more earnest longing. The result is perfection.

And the ambience in this film is just transporting. There is a scene in the beginning with Maggie Gyllenhaal (who I never really thought of as beautiful until this movie) when she hears the whispers that she needs Nanny McPhee and the wind is up and a storm is coming. It's exactly the kind of feel that puts Halloween in your toes.

It's WW2 and city kids are shipped to their poor farm relatives in the country. The shots of the English countryside and villages are breathtaking and the story is so rich, so surprisingly touching that I cried -- twice. Because I went to see it twice. In two days. I loved it that much. The scene in London is nostalgia straight out of Mary Poppins and I found myself desperately wishing Nanny McPhee would show up at my door.

More Nanny McPhee please!

My favorite character in the movie

The children in this film are absolutely believable portraying
a lost world of old world British charm and sensibility

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