Monday, February 1, 2010


There are few books as fabulous as "My Fair Godmother" by Janette Rallison. To be fair, my dear friend Natalie (under my followed blogs under: Stampin' Nat) was the one who alerted me to it and told me it was the "perfect" book. She was right.
Savannah is a Junior in high school and having the worst day of her life. When her godmother, a punk teen more interested in shopping than accurately granting wishes, gives Savannah a taste of what she believes to be her deepest desire, Savannah is thankful to get back to life as usual. That is, until she realizes her choices have affected someone else, a shy choir boy by the name of Tristan. She must do everything in her power to help Tristan before it is too late. Together, they make a formidable team and Savannah realizes that one should NEVER underestimate choir boys!

Granted, this is a lame review. I simply can't spell EVERYTHING out because it would positively ruin the whole story. One of the great charms of this book was the spectacularly surprising turns the story takes. I was floored after the first chapter. I laughed out loud in the second. I gasped (again, out loud) in the third and nearly fell over in the fourth. The only thing I can say about this quick read is READ IT! It's the kind you read in one night and spend the rest of the next day in the glow of possibility for a relationship you never actually had.
The author, talented Janette Rallison, was kind enough to talk to me and divulged that she is in the middle of book two! Same fairy -- different thwarted lovers and she promises she is working hard to insure that "new boy" is every bit as swoon worthy as our Tristan.



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  1. Love the new layout! I almost named Maggie Tristan except she turned out to be a girl. LOVE that book. You're the best!

  2. I've heard about that book. Will have to put it on my Goodreads list. By the way, love your blog!

  3. Thanks! I have to give credit to All Things Royal = my mom who gave me the idea!!

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  5. I love books like this!!

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  6. Wow what a great giveaway! Love the new look, it is gorgeous. Don't need to enter just wanted to drop by and say hi!

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  13. Ah Lise. It's been soooo long since anyone's called me Elle!

  14. :) Do you still have your Elle name tag?

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