Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Scribblings -- Writing the Mythic Hero

Ok. So, one of the best things I took away from the Writer's conference were contained in a book called: The Writer's Journey Mythic Structrue for Writers by Christopher Vogler.

Now, not many of us are writing mythic hero books or screenplays. Ancient Babylon is not ususally a dream scenario. However, what most of us don't realize is that we ARE writing a mythic hero or, even more shocking, that if we aren't writing it, we should be.


It's true. This is the mythic hero outline. Attention all writers! Apply this to your plot and see if this doesn't fit your character/plot arc one way or the other.

#1.) Hero introduced in the ordinary world

#2.) They receive the call to adventure

#3.) They initially Refuse the Call

#4.) They are encouraged by a Mentor to

#5.) Cross the first threshold and enter the special world

#6.) they encounter Tests, Allies and Enemies

#7.) They approach the inmost cave, crossing the second threshold

#8.) They endure the ordeal

#9.) They take possession of their Reward

#10.) They are pusued on the Road Back to the ordinary world

#11.) They cross the third threshold, experience resurrection and are transformed by the experience

#12.) They Return with the Elixir, a boon or treasure to benefit the ordinary world.

I couldn't believe how much URGENCY this model lent to the transitions in my story. I had a call to adventure but hadn't realized it was a call to adventure. Once I rewrote the scene, conscious of this purpose, BAM! Urgency.

We're all writing mythic heroes.

Or we should be.


  1. I fully admit to drooling when I saw the picture with this post. And I'll admit that I LOVED that movie. *blushes*

    I'm going to write down those steps and make sure that my hero is on the right track! Thanks!

  2. I am not a writer but I wanted to say thanks for reminding me how hot Brad Pitt can be. I had forgotten :)

  3. Indeed. Sigh, Jenny, sigh.