Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Movie: Ten reasons we love the NEW Emma!

While the whole world was watching the SuperBowl, those of us who live and die for Jane Austen and Masterpiece theater could barely contain our excitement for the finale of the latest in a long line of Austen masterpieces.


1.) At last! Emma is YOUNG, fun, flirty and not a stuffy, Princess, all calculated grace and no whimsy (Gwenyth Paltrow)
2.) Knightley and Emma are actually friends! When he "scolds" her it is actually teasing and confidence between two very loving friends.
3.) KNIGHTLEY IS HILARIOUS! Not only that he's charming and endearing and too cute for words. No. He's not 6' and deliciously handsome. Thank goodness! Who could ever believe that Emma wouldn't recognize someone like Rock Hudson (or Jeremy Northam) from the get-go? He's definitely and adorable older brother type.
4.) For the first time we truly see just how diabolical Frank Churchill is. Honestly! He was worse to Emma than Willoughby was to Marianne -- and Willoughby did actually love Marianne! (but he was a cad -- no one is sorry for Willoughby)
5.) Harriet is Emma's NEAR equal in looks. We always see Emma as clearly the more attractive of the two but for the first time, she gets a sort of peer in Harriet, showing us exactly why position, education, grace, wealth and wit were sooooo necessary for a woman.
6.) Enter the Ms. Bates. Gasp! Watching Miss Bates wheel her mother home or try to solicit Emma for a bit of company if only not to have to talk to herself -- SHOCKING! It was absolutely terrifying and we all understand Mrs. Bennet a bit better
7.) Three cheers for Mrs. E!!
8.) Great kiss!
9.) No, it was not as "beautiful" as the earlier version. This version is not polished or dandified by any Hollywood machine. It's messy and aggrivating, hilarious, and REAL. Love, love, love EMMA!
10.) It comes out on February 9th to own forever and always!


  1. I loved the show! Romola was the perfect Emma!

  2. A picture of Box Hill? Nooooo! That part was so amazingly awkward!!! It was perfect!